Health & Wellness Corner



PTA Health and Wellness Committee has made adjustments this year. Instead of coming to the school for Taste It Tuesdays and Fitness Fridays, we are bringing them to you virtually with a weekly Health and Wellness Corner. Every other week we will highlight a food or exercise, tell you a little about it, and then challenge you to get involved. In addition we will have a monthly tip to help you stay fit.



Taste It Tuesday Challenges


Sept 14th - Apples
Oct 12th - Winter Squashes
Nov 9th - Sweet Potatoes
January 11th - Radishes
May 3rd - Visit U-Pick Farm


Health & Wellness Tip of the Month


October - Stress

November - Happy Box
December - Mindful Eating
February - Gratitude

March - Sleep
April - Fears & Anxieties

Fitness Friday Challenges


Sept 28th - Favorite Sports
Oct 26th - Playground Games
Dec 7th - Go for a Hike
Jan 25th - Get Active Inside
Mar 29th - Easter Challenge