Kids Health Challenge

Students spent the month of  February  "working their hearts" in PE as they rotated through multiple jumping stations: short ropes, long ropes, trampolines, hula hoops, and more. They also had the opportunity to qualify for the timed jump rope competition by successfully jumping (without error) for an allotted time based on grade. Along the way our students raised over $32,000 for the American Heart Association. Way to go Monarchs!!


Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the school wide competition in an attempt to "outlast their school mates."


1st Place: Wesley Cruse (4-Surles) *still going strong after 13 minutes, 18 sec
2nd Place: Elaaf Milad (5-Gamble)

3rd place: Zoey Jahn (5-Regan)

4th place: Blake McAnulty (2-Pinto)

5th place: Virginia Weis (4-Barnett)

6th place-Brecken Delp (5-Regan).


Participants: Finley Council (K-Brownewell), Amina Santa (2-Morocco), Olivia Thornley (2-Morocco), Avery Varlas (2-Wilcenski), Victoria Seputis (3-Donohue), Mimi Harris (3-Leopard), Charlie Littleton (3-Harris), Mia Magner (4-Armbruster), Coleman Niemi (4-Armbruster), Madelyn Jorgenson (4-Barnett), Athana Konhilas (4-Barnett), Olivia Jones (4-Brady), Adelyn Jones (4-Weston), Cullen McQueeney (5-Diemer), Evan Whichard (5-Estridge), Taylor Beckham (5-Gamble), Aiden Meibers (5-Thompson), William Parker (5-Thompson), Cam Rollings (5-Thompson)


A HUGE Shout Out and BIG thank your to all of our students who helped raise over $32,000 for the American Heart Association. Our top money raisers will receive a jump castle party at school:


Allie LeBlanc, Ashton Ulm, Addison Power, Mitchell Eisner, Cooper Davids, Luke Dante, Terrence Kilson, Skylar Brown, Max Kavanagh, Drew Gantt, Mary Ann Gantt


Congratulations also to all of our "Golden Egg Winners." Jennie Moore students found 15 Golden Eggs.