The PTA board is comprised of 4 elected officers, 1 school representative appointed by the principal, and 6 other officers appointed by the elected officers. These board members along with dozens of program chairs oversee programs which help to support our school financially as well as provide educational and social events throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out to any of our board members if you have a question, or contact us at

 PTA Board and Program Chairs


JME PTA strives for 100% membership. We encourage all family members to join. Membership does not require you to volunteer at the school.


Achieving our mission and yearly goals are dependent on volunteers like you. If you are interested in joining an enthusiastic group of parents who are passionate in their support of Jennie Moore Elementary, please contact us today. We would love to have you join us.  


All Jennie Moore parents, teachers, and students are eligible for PTA membership. You can join for just $10 per member using the link below.

Join JME PTA   

PTA BOARD MEETINGS and general membership meetings

During the school year, the PTA Board meets once a month. If you have a topic to discuss, please email Liz Hartmann, PTA President, to get it added to the agenda for the next month's meeting.


General Membership meetings are held at minimum two times a year typically on the first Tuesday of a month at 6:00pm. All PTA members are encouraged to attend. To get a recap of the meetings, check out the minutes listed below.

2024-2025 PTA Board Meeting Minutes: 




The PTA budget will be approved in September by the General Membership via electronic vote. Any changes to this budget must be approved by vote of the General Membership. If you have any questions, contact our treasurer, Stefanie Renaud.

2023-2024 Budget


Bylaws are the rules the local unit must follow. They are adopted and amended by a vote of your unit’s members at a General Meeting. PTA bylaws may not conflict with the bylaws of National PTA or the state PTA and they cannot conflict with state or federal law. JME PTA Bylaws must be renewed every three years.

JME PTA Bylaws

Standing rules outline the procedures of the association with specific details that are not included in the bylaws and that must not conflict with the bylaws. Standing Rules are a board document. Unlike bylaws which can be changed only by membership, standing rules can be changed more easily. Standing rules may be changed at anytime by a Board majority. 

JME PTA Standing Rules