School Improvement Council

JME’s School Improvement Council (SIC) consists of various members of the school community. The SIC works with school administrators and other educators in meeting the identified needs of JME and in working towards excellence. In South Carolina, state law requires each K-12 public school to have a School Improvement Council to assist in the following efforts: 

  • Meet monthly to discuss issues affecting children’s education.
  • Help to develop, monitor, & evaluate the JME Five-Year School Improvement Plan.
  • Assist the Principal in writing & publishing a narrative for the Annual Report to Parents.
  • Advise on the spending of incentive funds if the school receives an award.
  • Participate on one of JME School Improvement Council’s subcommittees.

Questions? Contact current JME SIC Chair Megan Rzyski

SIC Overview/More Information