Jennie Moore Traffic Flow

During morning drop off and afternoon pick up, cars take turns zippering into the JME entrance from either direction off of Bulrush Basket Lane, merging into the one entrance lane. Remain in the right hand lane until it is blocked (this will allow teachers to access the teacher parking lot). Once the right hand lane is full we ask that you divide into two lanes so that we avoid congestion on Hamlin Road. Cars will merge again at the cone near the teacher parking lot entrance. Please remain in one lane and pull as far forward as possible for drop off/pick up. Remember all cars must turn RIGHT when exiting onto Bulrush Basket Way.


Drop Off:

We begin drop off at 7:00 a.m. Students should remain in their cars until signaled by a staff member to exit. Everyone will enter through the front door except bus riders, who will enter by the cafeteria. 


**If preferred, parents may park in the Laing parking lot and walk their students to the flag pole where students should be handed off to the adult on duty. Parents should not wait around once dropping their child off.


Pick Up:

Please do not get in line before 2:00 p.m. Stay single file and do not pass other cars, unless directed by a school staff member. As you get to the front of the line, you will see numbered cones. Pull to the first open cone, and your student will either be waiting or will come to the cone shortly after you pull up.


**We will have walkers:

Parents must park at Laing -- NOT in the JME lot, which would cause more congestion in our car line. Please bring your Jennie Moore pick up sign with your student's name and walk to the grassy median across from the JME cafeteria. Once our Staff Member walks your student over, please leave immediately. Do not stop and play in any of the grassy areas.